Our Benefits

poolFORCE is a great addition to grow your business.

  • Manufacturer-based installation training at our training facility in Salisbury, NC, and continuous support.
  • Works on all pools: The ultimate solution for resurfacing any shape or size pool in any location. Freeze-thaw cycles and earth-movement conditions that traditionally caused cracking have no effect on 60 MIL reinforced membranes.
  •  No heavy tools, machinery, ventiliation or subcontractors required. Clean and silent. Our liners have the lowest smoke development during welding, compared to liners from other providers, because we use only pure virgin raw material without toxic ingredients.
  • Technically Perfect: Tested quality for more than 30 years, antimicrobial equipped, stabilized against high UV rays, cold resistant. The formulation includes protection against the growth of fungi and bacteria for the easy maintenance.
  • Customer Satisfaction for a Lasting Business Relationship.
  • 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty: Repairing cracks on the walls or the floor of an old or damaged pool will not solve leaking problems. Installing poolFORCE in any pool will provide the final water tightness that your customer is looking for.

Benefits, as quoted in Aqua Magazine, a top resource for retailers, builders, and service profs in the pool and spa industry, October, 2015, issue, by Eric Herman, Senior Writer:

  •  A great profit center.
  • A cushioned surface, pleasing to the touch with a comfortable floor, especially beneficial for water conditioning, therapy or aerobics.
  • A day, or less, of preparation work. Eliminates the need to precisely measure and pre-manufacture the membrane.
  • No more yearly plastering and painting procedures.
  • Each membrane is tailor-made to fit the exact dimensions of the pool, with material that is flexible and durable.
  • Can be used to make the vessel watertight without the exact area of the pool structure that is causing the problem.
  • Represents true craftsmanship of the installer.
  • The most durable pool surface available.
  • A long-term solution with minimal installation.